Kaatt's WebDesign was started in the fall of 2004 in Sudbury, Ontario with the goal of providing quality websites to their customers without forcing them to pay outrageous prices. That goal still stands today. Why should someone looking for a website pay thousands of dollars when the same calibre of website can be produced for much less? The past work, testimonials and WhichWebDesignCompany rankings speak for words for the effectiveness Kaatt's WebDesign has had on the online community in across Canada.

After over 10 years of designing websites and graphics, Kaatt's WebDesign looks forward to a bright future of continuous, qualitative and reasonable priced online services. The internet will always be changing and Kaatt's WebDesign will change along with it.

Recent Testimonial

        Kaatt's was awesome about answering any questions I had during the process and helping me understand how to edit my menus etc afterwards! A great experience overall! Great manual to help me through the administration part of the website! Easy to use and pleasing to the eye! They exceeded my expectations! Would highly recommend! Thank you Kaatt's for exceeding my expectations! Thank you for a job well done!


Jen, Backwoods Bakery - Tarzwell, Ontario

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Dedicated to the Environment

Kaatt's WebDesign is one of few web design companies in the world who has and maintains their own Environmental Policy. We are committed to keeping our home green and helping to ensure our customers try to do the same. Read more about our Environmental Policy below and do your part to help protect the planet for future generations. 

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