Privacy Policy

Any personal information received by Kaatt's WebDesign, such as names, phone numbers and addresses, are used for the sole purpose of providing the customer the best service possible. This personal information provided is protected under the federal Privacy Act of Canada. In the event that Kaatt's WebDesign requires access to any third-party account for the sole purpose of ease of design, creation and/or maintenance, the account will only be used for what is required and nothing else. All login information for this account is not kept by Kaatt's WebDesign.

The Privacy Act of Canada states that upon any personal information collection, the person that the information being collected from, will be notified that the information is being collected, the purpose of the collection and that they have the right to access this information at any time.

Additional information about Canada's Privacy Act can be found here.

Any questions about the privacy policy of Kaatt's WebDesign, please feel free to contact us.

Recent Testimonial

        Kaatt's was awesome about answering any questions I had during the process and helping me understand how to edit my menus etc afterwards! A great experience overall! Great manual to help me through the administration part of the website! Easy to use and pleasing to the eye! They exceeded my expectations! Would highly recommend! Thank you Kaatt's for exceeding my expectations! Thank you for a job well done!


Jen, Backwoods Bakery - Tarzwell, Ontario

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Dedicated to the Environment

Kaatt's WebDesign is one of few web design companies in the world who has and maintains their own Environmental Policy. We are committed to keeping our home green and helping to ensure our customers try to do the same. Read more about our Environmental Policy below and do your part to help protect the planet for future generations. 

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